• 2024 Season

    We’re waiting for January 6th for the 2024 game to be released so we can design and create a robot for the 2024 season!

  • Offseason – Madtown Throwdown 2023

    1148 went to offseason tournament Madtown Throwdown, hosted by team 1323 with help from team 1671 in Madera, California from November 10th-12th, 2023.
    We brought both our A bot and our B bot to the tournament, and we had a very successful run! Most of our main drive teams did not come with us to the tournament, so we spent this tournament training new drivers and testing new robot code. Our A robot placed 26th out of 50 robots and as a second pick team for the 8th seed alliance. We unfortunately got eliminated, but we gave it our all.

  • Offseason – Tidal Tumble 2023

    1148 participated in Tidal Tumble, hosted by team 4414 in Ventura, California from October 20th-22nd, 2023.
    Tidal Tumble was more of a learning experience than anything. We arrived to the competition with two robots: our past season robot for our B team, and a remake of team 1678’s robot for our A team. A lot of the issues we had stemmed from the very short amount of time we had to code and were resolved at the competition, including fixing arm extension and intake of cones on both robots. We placed 27th out of 35 teams (43 robots), and were the 5th seed alliance’s 3rd pick as a backup robot. Unfortunately, the 5th seed alliance got eliminated in the lower bracket against the 2nd seed alliance, so we didn’t get to play in the finals, but overall it was a really fun tournament, and we’re looking forward to Madtown!

  • 2023 Season

    In 2023, 1148 competed in the Central Valley and Los Angeles Regionals, in Fresno, CA and Los Angeles, CA respectively.
    At the Central Valley Tournament, we placed 9th out of 38, and ended up being the 5th seed alliance captain. Unfortunately, our drive motors failed in an elimination match, and we had to have another team sub in for us. At the Los Angeles Regional, we placed 3rd out of 44 teams, and we were the 3rd seed alliance captain. In our first elimination match, we tied in points with the other alliance, but because of our superior auto, we won the match. Shortly after, we lost two rounds in a row and were eliminated, but we learned a lot and are looking forward to the next season!

  • Offseason – Madtown Throwdown 2022

    After rebranding to Harvard-Westlake Robotics, our team revived itself in the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. With a completely new set of members and mentors, our team went to Madtown Throwdown, Team 1323’s offseason tournament in Madera, California, to restart our FRC journey. We brought the 2022 Everybot to this competition, and placed 35th out of 46 teams.

  • 2003-2016 Seasons

    Team 1148, then dubbed the Wafflebots, competed in FRC tournaments from 2003 to 2016.